ReadBeyond publishes the source code of aeneas, a FLOSS Python package to synchronize audio and text

Padua, 2015-05-12

Today ReadBeyond published the source code of aeneas, a FLOSS Python package to automatically synchronize audio and text.

Typical applications include computing timing values for closed captioned videos and producing the EPUB 3 Media Overlays (SMIL files) for EPUB 3 Audio-eBooks.

The source code of aeneas (formerly known as ReadBeyond Sync) can be downloaded from the GitHub repository, and it is released as free software, under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3 (AGPL v3).

The technical documentation can be read online at .

The package includes the source code, the documentation, several pre-built tools for typical use cases, and unit tests with the corresponding input files.

For further information, please visit the the official Web page .

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ReadBeyond Srl ( develops innovative software to create, distribute, and enjoy digital contents. Italian Startup with headquarters in Padua (Padova), ReadBeyond is the applied research lab currently global leader in Audio-eBooks with synchronized audio/text in EPUB 3 format.

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