ReadBeyond publishes the source code of Minstrel, a FLOSS hybrid reading app

Padua, 2015-05-21

Today ReadBeyond published the source code of Minstrel, a FLOSS hybrid reading app specifically designed for Audio-eBooks.

The source code of Minstrel can be downloaded from the GitHub repository, and it is released as free software, under the terms of the MIT License (MIT).

The goal and the technical details of the Minstrel project can be read online at .

The package includes the source code of the app and the scripts necessary to configure and build the corresponding Cordova project directory, for both the Android and the iOS versions of the app.

ReadBeyond will maintain a stable release of the app under the original name Menestrello ("minstrel", in Italian); in particular, the Menestrello app continues to be available on the App Store and on Google Play.

"We think that users are in urgent need for good, truly FLOSS reading apps", says Alberto Pettarin, CEO of ReadBeyond. "This appears particularly true pondering the recent accidents involving the reading privacy of eBook consumers and realizing how quickly eBooks are being adopted in learning environments."

"By releasing the source code of Minstrel under the very liberal MIT License, we want to ignite a virtuous circle: stimulating authors and publishers to produce richer and more complex eBooks; promoting the use of open and interoperable formats and services; and finally bringing healthy diversity in the reading apps ecosystem by encouraging FLOSS developers to join the project and contribute", concludes Dr. Pettarin.

For further information, please visit the official Web page .

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