ReadBeyond Srl Has Been Liquidated, Its Web Site Will Remain Online

Padua, 2015-11-23

In June 2015 the shareholders of ReadBeyond Srl agreed to initiate the process of voluntary liquidation of the company, asserting the impossibility of accomplishing the statutory mission.

The liquidation process was completed a few days ago, when the company was delisted by the Chamber of Commerce of Padua, Italy. According to the Italian Law, this last step implies that ReadBeyond Srl ceased to exist as a legal entity.

I would like to thank my co-founders, Paolo Bertasi and Simplicissimus Book Farm Srl, and all the collegues and friends who accompanied me through this experience.

The company assets (domain, Web site, Audio-eBooks, etc.) have been assigned back to me, and it is my intention to keep them online, for anyone to freely enjoy them.

ReadBeyond Is Dead, Long Live ReadBeyond!

Alberto Pettarin

About ReadBeyond

ReadBeyond ( develops innovative software to create, distribute, and enjoy digital contents. ReadBeyond is the applied research lab currently global leader in Audio-eBooks with synchronized audio/text in EPUB 3 format.

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