This module contains the following classes:

class aeneas.executetask.ExecuteTask(task=None, rconf=None, logger=None)[source]

Execute a task, that is, compute the sync map for it.


Execute the task. The sync map produced will be stored inside the task object.

Raises:ExecuteTaskInputError: if there is a problem with the input parameters
Raises:ExecuteTaskExecutionError: if there is a problem during the task execution

Load the task from the given Task object.

Parameters:task (Task) – the task to load
Raises:ExecuteTaskInputError: if task is not an instance of Task
exception aeneas.executetask.ExecuteTaskExecutionError[source]

Error raised when the execution of the task fails for internal reasons.

exception aeneas.executetask.ExecuteTaskInputError[source]

Error raised when the input parameters of the task are invalid or missing.