This module contains the following classes:

class aeneas.job.Job(config_string=None, rconf=None, logger=None)[source]

A structure representing a job, that is, a collection of related Tasks.

  • config_string (string) – the job configuration string
  • rconf (RuntimeConfiguration) – a runtime configuration
  • logger (Logger) – the logger object

TypeError: if config_string is not None and not a Unicode string


Add a task to this job.

Parameters:task (Task) – the task to be added

Delete all the tasks of this job.


The identifier of the job.

Return type:string
class aeneas.job.JobConfiguration(config_string=None)[source]

A structure representing a configuration for a job, that is, a series of directives for I/O and processing the job.

Allowed keys:

Parameters:config_string (string) – the job configuration string
Raises:TypeError: if config_string is not None and it is not a Unicode string
Raises:KeyError: if trying to access a key not listed above