This module contains the following classes:

class aeneas.task.Task(config_string=None, rconf=None, logger=None)[source]

A structure representing a task, that is, an audio file and an ordered set of text fragments to be synchronized.

  • config_string (string) – the task configuration string
  • rconf (RuntimeConfiguration) – a runtime configuration
  • logger (Logger) – the logger object

TypeError: if config_string is not None and it is not a Unicode string


The absolute path of the audio file.

Return type:string

The identifier of the task.

Return type:string

Output the sync map file for this task.

If container_root_path is specified, the output sync map file will be created at the path obtained by joining the container_root_path and the relative path of the sync map inside the container.

Otherwise, the sync map file will be created at the path self.sync_map_file_path_absolute.

Return the the path of the sync map file created, or None if an error occurred.

Parameters:container_root_path (string) – the path to the root directory for the output container
Return type:string

The absolute path of the sync map file.

Return type:string

Return the list of non-empty leaves in the sync map associated with the task.

If fragment_type has been specified, return only leaves of that fragment type.

Parameters:fragment_type (int) – type of fragment to return
Return type:list

New in version 1.7.0.


The absolute path of the text file.

Return type:string
class aeneas.task.TaskConfiguration(config_string=None)[source]

A structure representing a configuration for a task, that is, a series of directives for I/O and processing the task.

Allowed keys:

Parameters:config_string (string) – the job configuration string
Raises:TypeError: if config_string is not None and it is not a Unicode string
Raises:KeyError: if trying to access a key not listed above

Return a dictionary representing the AdjustBoundaryAlgorithm parameters stored in this task configuration.

Available keys:

  • algorithm, tuple: (string, list)
  • nonspeech, tuple: (TimeValue or None, string)
  • nozero, bool
Return type:dict